How To Decorate A Tray Ceiling

How To Decorate A Tray Ceiling. Ann bridgman of just the thing decorating in southlake texas shares 3 easy principles for creating tray, shelf or table top arrangements. Simply put, this style also looks good.

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After all, home space is a gift no matter how you look at it and you should not be reluctant to use it. Keep reading to find 10 ceiling design ideas that are unique ways to decorate your ceiling. Benefits of a tray ceiling.

Benefits of a tray ceiling.

How To Decorate A Tray Ceiling. Quite often when i mention a tray ceiling to a prospective customer, i a tray ceiling is a common term for a recessed ceiling, often with the recessed sides sloped at an angle. Tray ceilings are a contemporary architectural feature that have ended up in way too many traditional style homes. Tray ceilings have the main role of breaking up the ordinary flat ceiling line and adding variation in height in order to create an architectural look. Bend down and look across the wallpaper from different angles to see if you've missed.


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