Holistic Treatment Is Available For Depression, Addiction, PTSD And Alcoholism

Breaking the cycle of addiction, depression, PTSD and alcoholism can be difficult if an individual doesn’t receive the treatment they need. Recovering from these types of issues doesn’t mean someone needs to go to a typical rehabilitation center with a stigma attached to it. Rehabilitation centers often offer the group sessions to talk about problems with others or by regularly visiting a psychiatrist. A holistic treatment center, however, will help someone heal their mind, body, and soul. Proper diet, exercise, and treatments are customized to meet a patient’s needs, cleansing the system of an overload of toxins and helping the body to heal.

A holistic approach will never be a cookie cutter system like most rehabilitations. It will include:

  • Detoxification of the system and healing at a cellular level.

  • Resetting of the brain chemistry to a pre-addicted state of mind.

  • Use of the Pouyan Method Total Healing using only the natural elements from the earth. This will heal the mind, body, and soul.

  • Regularly drinking an organic juice cleanse.

  • Eating a 90% raw food diet with superfoods and super shakes.

  • Helping patients let go of toxic thinking and behavior.

  • Removing the old destructive behaviors created by trauma, pain, and PTSD.

A patient never has to worry about sharing a room with another patient. They will be comfortable in a master private suite with a relaxing feel. They can enjoy gorgeous sunsets and outdoor excursions. Part of the holistic approach is learning new ways to eliminate the pain that cause the addiction in the first place. Relaxing massages, deep sea fishing and riding ATV’s will provide an individual with the natural high instead of a drug or alcohol one. Patients will all receive 24-hour nursing care and supervision. Blood work, EKG and ECG tests will be part of the heart checkup during the stay.

Healing from the pain from that past that caused your addiction, can be eliminated forever. Retraining and rebalancing your body back to the natural state it was born in will provide the new release on life you’ve always wanted. For more information about this outstanding treatment program, please visit www.theholisticsanctuary.com/.