Brand Building Through Promotionals Like Stubby Coolers

Stubby holders” or “stubby coolers”, which are just wide and snug enough to fit over a beverage can or glass bottle, started making their appearance around the late 1970s. Since the time of their introduction, they have developed into a very convenient means for promoting a corporate brand. They are easy to mass-produce and can be distributed at most sports venues, convenience and grocery stores, and small retailers. They are also suitable for special events such as rock concerts, fairs, and conventions. And there are a wide range of design options available for any sort of branding or advertising message a client wishes to promote.

The neoprene coolers come in a much more varied color palette than what was available when they first appeared commercially. Long used to advertise a company brand with a printed or screened logo, modern digital printing techniques which are effective for multiple types of papers, fabrics and nylon surfaces can now make the production of any design feasible. This would include full color portrait designs which were not possible in previous years. Now, not only can a full color logo be printed onto a stubby holder, but so too can portrait ads, accompanied by the desired message in text rendered in the font of the customer’s choosing.

Most local digital printing companies stock large supplies of blank stubby holders which can be custom designed and printed on order. The client merely has to outline what he or she wants in terms of design. Alternatively, it is no problem to submit a completed design as a digital image, or a project file or PDF which is compatible with most layout applications. The digital files can be adjusted to fit the layout requirements for the stubby holder and then mass produced to whatever quantity is desired to fill the order.

Stubby holders essentially come in one piece, either with an open or folded bottom. Their size makes them a suitable budget item for mass promotion in terms of printing cost. They also last for several years, which makes them a durable advertising platform. Even if given away for free, these stubby holders are well worth their cost for the return they deliver in terms of branding and advertising outreach to the widest possible audience.